MPlayer OSX Extended Release 2

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This is build contains all the features in the previous build with a few new additions.

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New Features

Proxy Icons

I Added a Proxy Icon when a file is playing, which is invoke by clicking on the icon in the menu bar, this brings up the menu shown below which allows the user to open the folder the movie is placed in.

Proxy Icon

Next Episode

A menu item (Play Next Episode) that plays the next episode based on the currently playing file was added in previous build and was bound to ⌘E. This works for most formats of naming including

File Name 01
File Name Episode 1

This build added an extra option to play the next episode automatically, saving the user from clicking on the Play Next Episode menu item each time.

Next Menu


Nearly all of he features have been merged in the main repository, meaning that will no compatibility issues in the future.

Other Improvements

This build also contains other features to improve the image quality.