MPlayer OSX Extended Release 1

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A new binary of MPlayer OSX Extended has been released

Download Link

GitHub Repository

New Features

File Types Information

I added type information about movies as shown below. This gives the user more info when looking at video/audio files in Finder. Filetypes

Media Keys

Support for media keys (F7, F8, F9) on Apple keyboards has been added.

Key Function
PlayPause (F8) Plays/Pauses
Rewind(F7) Skip to Previous
Fast forward(F9) Skip to Next


All of MPlayer keyboard shortcuts have been added, a list of keyboard shortcuts is in the help and can be viewed here.


I am (re)wrote most of the help

Next Episode

A menu item (Play Next Episode) that plays the next episode based on the currently playing file has been added and is bound to ⌘E. This works for most formats of naming including

  • File Name 01
  • File_Name_1
  • File Name Episode 1


Icons for all the file types have been added, below are a sample the rest can seen here.

Video Icons

Video Icons

Audio Icons

Audio Icons

Subtitles Icons

Subtitles Icons

Binary Icon

Binary Icon