fixing corrupt mp3s

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To fix a corrupt mp3 mp3val can be used. The website provides binaries for Windows, and sources for other platforms including Linux and Mac OS X.


Update: binaries for Mac OS X (tested on 10.6) here

To install on a Mac either install it the easy way:

brew install mp3val

or download the sources and then cd to the directory of sources and then do

make -f Makefile.gcc

and then place the binaries in you $PATH e.g. /usr/local/bin


To fix the corrupt mp3s use the following

mp3val -f

which tells mp3val to fix the errors in the mp3s. Shell wildcards can be used e.g.

mp3val -f *.mp3

which will fix all mp3 in the current directory.

mp3val also keeps all the old tags as well, which is useful.