Control iTunes from the command line, over 30 commands including play/pause, mute/unmute, playlist and play random album. Also includes scripts for getting data from Ttunes.


Usage: <option>


  • Put the scripts in your $PATH
  • See below for bash completion.


Usage: <option>
Options: (short)
 (s) status          : Shows iTunes' status, and track info
 (y) play            : Start playing.
 (a) pause           : Pause iTunes.
 (p) playpause       : Start playing / Pauses.

 (n) next            : Go to the next track.
 (b) prev            : Go to the previous track.
 (r) rewind          : Rewinds the current track.

 (m)                 : Toggles Mute iTunes' volume.
     mute            : Mute iTunes' volume.
     unmute          : Unmute iTunes' volume.
 (v) vol up          : Increase iTunes' volume by 10%
 (v) vol down        : Increase iTunes' volume by 10%
 (v) vol #           : Set iTunes' volume to # [0-100]

 (@) search        {string} : Search for songs in each field (results playlist must exist)
 (@) search [type] {string} : Search for songs by type
                            : Types are album, artist, composer
                            : comment, genre, grouping, name and year
 ($)               {string} : Searching for songs using name, album and comment as fields

 (l) playlist        : List all the playlists
 (l) playlist {name} : Plays the specified playlist
 (c) current         : List the songs of the current playlist

 (d) random          : Plays a random album
 (f) shuffle         : Toggles shuffle
 (f) shuffle on      : Turns shuffle on
 (f) shuffle off     : Turns shuffle off

 (e) repeat all      : Set repeat to all
 (e) repeat one      : Set repeat to on
 (e) repeat off      : Set repeat to off

 [0-5]              : Set the current song rating
 (6) 4.5            : Set the current song rating to 4½ stars

 (t) stop           : Stop iTunes.
 (q) quit           : Quit iTunes.

Bash Completion

  • Add this to your .bash_profile or .bashrc
function i(){ "$@"

function _ilist(){ commands

function _icomp(){
	local curw
	COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W '`_ilist`' -- $curw))
	return 0

#  Completion for
shopt -s progcomp
complete -F _icomp i