Aqua User Interface


Intuitive user interface based on technology that features everything you would expect from a good Mac application, including time savers like drag and drop, Quick Look, and more.

Batch Operations

Multiple file tag editing is easy since Tagger supports applying changes to a selection of files.

Auto Tagging

Tagger can Search for the tags off the internet (using vgmdb). Tagger will retrieve matching result and allows you to browse the result and finally apply the tags to the selection.

Superior Tag Support

Tagger supports nearly all of the tags of both MP3 and MP4

File Renaming

Tagger supports batch renaming of files from their tags, using any format you choose e.g. 01 - Title.

Table view

Tagger has a sortable table view (which supports all the tag fields) for easy editing.

Convenient Folder Operations

Tagger allows you set a default folder, allows draging audio files and folders to the dock icon or table view to go directly to the file and more.

Finder Labels

Finder labels are supported for easy organisation. They can be assigned with a Finder like right click menu.

Tag Manipulation

Tagger supports changing the capitalization (Uppercase, lowercase, and Title Case) for readability. It also supports renumbering of files and triming whitespace.


Tagger supports embeding artwork in audio files. The image can also be dragged to a folder e.g. the desktop using a customised format.