Git Delete Last Commit

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If you have committed files that you shouldn’t have (e.g. passwords) you can use the following to delete the last commit provided the commit has not been pushed.

git reset --hard HEAD~1

HEAD~1 means the pervious commit, you can also use the SHA-1 of a commit to delete all commits back to that commit.

Note that --hard gets rid of any changes from the selected commit(s). Use --soft to leave the files as changes to be committed.

If you have pushed the commit then you can either do

git revert HEAD

which creates a new commit that revert changes in the last commit but the data is still present in the history of the repository.

Even if you tried to do git push --force after you deleted the commit from your copy the data will exist in people locals copies until they pull the latest changes. This also makes merging a lot more difficult.